Saturday, 16 May 2009

Is Satellite Internet the Future

Satellite internet is a new and intriguing technology that is winning over dedicated followers by droves as it makes its way into newer markets and increases its public profile. Available for already more than a few years now, this fascinating technology has finally really come into its own, with several modifications and improvements which have really raised the bar to well above the level that the average consumer will expect when ordering an internet service.

Satellite internet really has been optimized in such a way as to make it more than reliable enough to use in serious, work-related contexts on a heavy basis to accomplish pressing goals, and it is for this reason that the technology is spreading life wildfire among internet users the world over. There is just such a perfect mix of incentives and advantages that it is too difficult to resist the temptation to get this kind of a which will have you wondering why you had never heard of it before!

For starters, there could be nothing easier than having a satellite internet connection installed in your home. This, of course, goes against what many people think about satellite technologies in general: that the installation is a major pain in the neck and that it is intrusive and takes a long time, not to mention confusing. When you order your connection from a reliable provider, you will be guaranteed installation by certified professionals who know exactly what they are doing and will be in and out of your home in practically no time at all.

The average wait period to receive professional installation varies but is usually between one and two weeks (obviously homes that are very far out in the countryside and remote will need to wait longer than most others to receive installation). Once they get to your door, the professional installers will only take a few hours to mount your dish using sturdy brackets and to drill through only one wall and run coaxial cables from the dish to the wall jack (which they will have to install). After this, the installer will commission your account and verify that everything is working properly and give you a brief lesson on the hardware and how to use the connection, with all the information being very easy to digest.

From there, you pretty much have had the doors to the future opened up for you. Your satellite internet connection will give you the kinds of download speeds you had only ever dreamed of in your home, in general reaching over 3mbps. That is really extraordinary when you think about it, especially since the first satellite internet connections didn't even reach half of that capacity (which was the predicament only a few short years ago). And one other great benefit of today's satellite connections is that they are two-way rather than one-way (which was the case until just recently), so that you can upload as well as download files from the internet all via your dish, completely eliminating the need for a phone modem altogether.

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