Thursday, 30 April 2009

Satellite Internet Opens a Whole New World to Rural and Remote Users

Satellite technology has become a major platform for delivering entertainment and communications services to rural and remote communities. These communities have relied on satellite technology for years to deliver television service when cable companies would not run service out to rural and remote users. The same situation occurred when DSL became available and urban and suburban Internet users were taking advantage of high speed Internet service where rural users were stuck with dial-up service because phone and cable companies did not want to invest in the infrastructure to provide remote and rural communities with high speed Internet access. This left people either relying on the notoriously unreliable dial up service or having no Internet service at all.

The satellite industry responded by making high speed service available to these communities that were deprived of high speed Internet service. This was accomplished by the development of special technology that included a special satellite Internet dish that both sends and receives signals that make having a high speed Internet connection possible. Coupled with a special satellite modem, satellite Internet users get a reliable always on signal that does not drop off and disconnect like dial-up does. There is nothing more frustrating than being in the middle of an email or a software download and having that disrupted by a disconnection. With satellite Internet, this is no longer an issue because you have a reliable always on connection that does not drop off and allows you to surf the Internet faster and complete downloads and uploads without interruption.

Because download times can be as fast as 50 times faster than dial-up, satellite Internet is an attractive option for rural and remote based businesses that need a reliable Internet connection to conduct business and also have a robust presence on the Internet. Many businesses perform mission critical operations over the Internet and use online programs to conduct various functions of their business. Many businesses rely on e-commerce activities which are essential to their profit margins. Having a high speed Internet connection allows them to remain competitive in the marketplace and perform functions with ease and speed, with plenty of flexibility for multiple users.

For the home user, satellite Internet has made home computing a lot easier. No longer do you have to tie up a phone line for dial-up Internet service. Depending on the service plan you choose and the frequency you use the Internet, home users can access the Internet at speeds that are 50 times faster than dial-up service. Emailing and downloading music, photos and videos is a breeze and you no longer have to worry about a dial-up connection dropping off in the middle of an important download. Important software updates which used to take over an hour to download now take just minutes with a satellite Internet connection. Home users are really enjoying the benefits of a satellite Internet connection because they can download and email faster without worrying about connection disruptions and dropped signals. With an always on connection, satellite Internet is always reliable and ready to provide hours of surfing and downloading activity that is reliable and fast.

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